Types of fiber patch cords Application of MPO/MTP fiber patch cord data center

Our current society is a highly developed society. This is not only reflected in the material and spiritual aspects, but also in our network information. At present, our network is developing very rapidly, and the amount of data is exploding. With the increase, everyone’s requirements for broadband networks are increasing. In order to meet the high-density and high-efficiency cable connection requirements of high-speed and large-capacity optical communication systems, the OEMfiber¬†fiber-optic cabling brand has made a significant investment in the mtp/mpo fiber jumper.


Mtp fiber patch cord concept


MTP stands for Multi-Core Termination Push-In Connector, a high-performance MPO connector with multiple innovative designs. The name of the MTP fiber patch cord comes from the MTP connector and is used for high-density connections between telecommunications room network equipment. This fiber patch cord provides a cost-effective solution for cabling systems with high performance, high density and many other advantages.


Fiber patch cord structure


MTP fiber patch cords are made up of MTP connectors, fiber optic cables, and other connectors, such as LC connectors or some MTP fiber patch cords. Fiber optic cables typically use OM3 and OM4, which are laser-optimized multimode fibers. Unlike traditional connectors, MTP/MPO connectors should be used with care to ensure proper connections.


Fiber patch cord type


According to different standards, MTP fiber jumpers are divided into multiple types. According to the number of cores, MTP fiber jumpers are divided into MTP single mode fiber jumpers and MTP multimode fiber jumpers. According to the connectors at both ends, there are mainly two configurations of MTP fiber jumpers. One is the MTP connection MTP, commonly referred to as the MTP backbone fiber patch cord. The other is MTP connected to a standard LC / FC / SC / ST / MTRJ connector (usually MTP-LC), which is commonly referred to as MTP branch fiber patch cord or MTP fan-out fiber patch cord.


Advantages of fiber patch cords


The MTP fiber system is a truly innovative batch of products. The compact design of the MTP connector allows the MTP jumper core to be numerous and small, and the most commonly used are 12-core and 24-core. It is the same size as an SC connector and can deliver up to 12 fibers or 24, saving on circuit cards and rack space.


With the MTP trunk jumper, a complete fiber backbone can be installed without requiring any field termination. In addition, the MTP connector is fully compliant with all MPO connector standards and is compatible with VZ TPR.9431, IEC- 61754-7 and EIA / TIA-604-5 and can be used to replace MPO connectors for better performance. It uses a simple push-pull latching structure for easy and intuitive insertion and removal.

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